THE YEAR 1429, 2008, 2551, 5768?

Today marks the new year of the Islamic calendar or Hijrah. The calendar begins with the migration of the Prophet Muhammad from his birthplace Mecca, where he was shunned and ridiculed by the majority of the citizens, to Medina which is about 300 plus kilometres north. According to the calender, that happened 1429 years ago.

But nowadays the Islamic calendar is mostly used for religious and traditional purposes (except for Saudi Arabia where it is the official government business calendar).  I know some of my Muslims fellows are fussy about using the Gregorian calendar because it counts from the birth of Jesus Christ therefore it’s Christian and only they are suppose to use it. Dude, it was invented by the Romans not written in the Bible. Just like how the Quran didn’t mention about start counting the years from the Prophet’s migration. That decision was made by his companions after the Prophet’s death. By the end of the day, a calendar is just a way to keep track of time. Whether it is an Islamic calendar or a Gregorian calendar, it makes our lives easier to organize.

So according to the different calendar, we are in the year:

1429 – Islamic Calendar
Counting from the migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina

2008 – Gregorian Calendar
Birth date of Jesus Christ

2551 – Buddhist Calendar
From the passing of the Buddha

5768 – Hebrew Calendar
Starts from the traditional creation date

Note: Correct me if I made an error on these dates. 


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