I saw TNA for the first time…

The other day I was hanging out at WYWY (it’s this popular restaurant in Brunei) and I watched this TNA pay per view called GENESIS. It’s probably not live and old (I checked Wikipedia, yup.. this was back in November). The match I saw was the main event; Kevin Nash & Kurt Angle vs Sting & Booker T. WOAH!! Nash? Angle? Sting (haven’t seen him for ages) Booker T?! This brings me back to WCW/WWF days.

TNA Logo

I haven’t been followng wrestling entertainment for a long time. The last pay per view I saw was 2004’s Wrestlemania with Chris Benoit crowned as the new champ. You can read my WWF/E post over here. As for TNA, which stands for Total Non-stop Action, I thought it was stupid. It had a cheesy name and all I see are young guys trying so hard to impress by doing high flying acrobatic moves. They also had a hexagonal ring which for some reason kinda makes me laugh.

But damn, I finally saw two TNA matches in its entirety and I kinda enjoyed it. One was a ladder match with Christian (now known as Christian Cage) and the other one is the previously mentioned main event. With a mix of old favourites and new breeds of wrestlers, I think TNA has a bright future and could possibly rival WWE (some say it already has).

TNA Impact

I then decided to browse through the TNA website and check out the roster. Looks like they don’t have a lot of wrestlers although some of them I’m familiar with but they have different names eg. Black Reign (Goldust), BG James (Road Dog) and Kip James (Badass Billy Gun).

Although this doesn’t mean that I’m going to start watching wrestling again Hehe


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