KamehameHAA!!- Dragon Ball movie cast/characters

For the past few weeks, there has been many casting news on the upcoming live action adaptation of the Dragon Ball. I didn’t post those casting news because I was waiting for the official casting of the main characters in this movie to be completed so I could put it in a single post. Here it is together with the casting description courtesy of CHUD.com:

Goku – Justin Chatwin

Goku Chatwin

18 years old, Goku is considered uncool and unpopular at school, but he is in fact an extremely talented martial arts fighter who gets rigorous training from his grandfather, Gohan. After the death of his grandfather by the evil Lord Piccolo, Goku finds his destiny in his grandfather’s dying request that he find Master Roshi and gather all seven Dragon Balls (of which he has one) in order to prevent Piccolo from succeeding in his desire to use the dragonballs to take over the world. Trained by Master Roshi, aided by Bulma and Yamcha, friends he meets along the way, Goku proves himself a formidable, almost undefeatable fighter. On many dangerous adventures to find the remaining Dragon Balls and thus save the world, Goku conquers physical and emotional challenges, ultimately saving the world but clearly impelled to spend his life searching for the Dragon Balls with his trusty companions.

Piccolo – James Marsters

Piccolo Marsters

An ancient being who despite his humanoid appearance, is from an alien race determined to take over the world. Piccolo is the cursed ruler of a demonic race who nearly destroyed Earth 2000 years ago, and with the coming of the eclipse and the possession of all seven Dragon Balls, he’s prepared to free himself and do the job right this time. Crafty and smart, Piccolo has some disturbing news for Goku, namely that the boy is actually a Saiyan who’s destined to join Piccolo as his right hand in destroying and enslaving the planet.

Bulma – Emmy Rossum

Bulma Emmy Rossum

20s, female, pretty, with great intelligence behind her gleaming eyes, Bulma is a determined, competitive young woman whose father’s five star Dragon Ball was stolen by Lord Piccolo, and who believes that she can harness their unlimited energy and change the world like Edison or Einstein. Bulma, who has a DBE (a Dragon Ball locator device), teams up with Goku, and with him meets up with Master Roshi and Yamcha as they attempt to collect the missing Dragon Balls before Piccolo can destroy the world. A resourceful and courageous young woman who’s also a weapons expert, she overcomes many obstacles with her colleagues, only to find the seven Dragon Balls ultimately snatched from their grasp–but it’s clear she’s going to continue searching for them with Goku and Yamcha

Yamcha – Joon Park

Yamcha Joon Park

20s, “the bad boy who has no trouble attracting women,” An ingenious young man whose utililty truck is the Swiss Army Knife of trucks–every tool and gear imaginable sprouts from its body–Yamcha joins Goku, Bulma (with whom he becomes romantically involved) and Master Yoshi on their quest to find the seven Dragon Balls before Piccolo

Mai – Eriko Tamura

Mai Eriko Tamura

Late 20s, female, her features exotic, sexy but deadly, dressed in gleaming black, with weapons strapped all over her body, she’s a martial arts expert and Lord Piccolo’s chief enforcer.

Chi Chi – Jamie Chung

Chi Chi Jamie Chung

Goku’s lifelong love interest, Chi Chi is an attractive, tom boy-ish young woman who has grown up with Goku. She has studied martial arts and has always suspected that Goku possesses talents that are unusual and extraordinary. After Goku embarks on his journey to redeem his grandfather’s death, Chi Chi meets up with Goku and his crew at a tournament of champions where their mutual attraction finally heats up during a training session.

Master Roshi – Chow Yun Fat

Roshi Chow Yun Fat

This older man is a good friend of Goku’s grandfather, Gohan, and Goku comes to enlist his help after his grandfather is killed. Although he looks like a beggar, Roshi is one of the world’s most fearsome fighters. Master Roshi begins Goku’s rigorous training to prepare him for the adventure of finding and fighting for the seven Dragon Balls to save the world from Piccolo’s destructive plan. A wise, somewhat wry man who knows as much about human nature as he does about martial arts, Master Roshi is impressed with Goku’s fighting but reminds him of his failings as well.

The cast has been pretty weird. Marsters as Piccolo and Rossum as Bulma seems good. I’m not too sure about Yamcha and Chi Chi (she’s too hot for Chi Chi LOL). And Chow Yun Fat as Roshi..that could either be the greatest casting ever or the most f***ed up. LOL It’s Chow Yun Fat, I think he can pull it off.

Original Japanese opening of Dragon Ball Z
This video brings back memories.

Cha-La Head-Cha-la!

PS: Happy New Year to everyone!!


14 thoughts on “KamehameHAA!!- Dragon Ball movie cast/characters

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  3. This cast couldn’t get any worse….there should be a petition to forbid this movie ever showing on screen.
    Dragon ball should only have been done by the japanese…..NOT the americans!

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  5. “This cast couldn’t get any worse….there should be a petition to forbid this movie ever showing on screen.
    Dragon ball should only have been done by the japanese…..NOT the americans!”

    @ Bluwolf

    The Japanese already their adaptations and how did they turn out……yeah I though so…so quit bitching and put up or shut up…

  6. Stop fuckin hating all you hating fuckers if u dont like it then dont watch it simple no one need you meaningless worthless negativity
    just shut the fuck up… make ur own DBZ movie then

  7. @ kaypain and Spike
    First of all the Japanese never make an adaptation of Dragonball because they know how to pay respect to originals.
    Second of all, you HW worshippers should shut up if you don’t know what is Dragonball

  8. People need to learn something; A movie based on a book, cartoon, anime or live event is BASED on the original. “based on” means “used as inspiration”, not a carbon copy of the original. There is nothing that says that the closer the movie is to the original the better. Its not a question of accuracy, but simply how the new writer wants to tell the story. Like say if someone wanted to make Cinderella rescue the price its not because they just didn’t listen well in kindergarden and made a mistake. Its their twist on things. So please think on that before next you whine about why something isn’t the same. Its a different story based on the first. So expect as many changes as the new writer feels like making. Its not a question of keeping things the same unless there is a reason to change them. Some of the whining is just embarrassing. In a remake of a mystery novel one person actually was disappointed because a character was cast, and the actress didn’t have large breasts like in the book. I think its best to expect something new and not compare, but hope they stay true to the spirit more then the little details. For all movies and shows based on stuff.

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