Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m just going to put images that pops into my head when I think of 2007. Random and not in any order. Doing this as I go along.

To them, you’re just a freak….Like me!!

Paris Hilton goes to jail

We have to go back Kate!!

Myanmar monk protest

Master Chief last battle

Virginia Tech Massacre

Gimme More (not!)

So much for the hype LOL

I support the Writers!!!



Harry Potter is not dead, damn!

Well, actually there’s a lot of stuff I remember from 2007 and I’m too lazy to find all the images. Hehe

Happy 2008!!!

^^THE song of 2007 whether you like or not :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “2007

  1. The song of 2007? Gawd, it sure ain’t raining talent in the music biz these days. Ditto Britney Spears. A pretty good year for movies, though, including Atonement and The Simpsons Movie.

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