1000 Views!!! Finally! Haha!

This may not be a big deal to you guys but it is to me! Just realized that this blog has just reached the 1000 views mark. Yeah! Wow, never expected it to reach that amount of views. I thought I would probably get bored of this blog after few weeks and just abandon it. Well, this makes me feel more motivated to continue this site. 🙂  

So I started back at Nov 15…so that’s like a month…1000 views in a month, is that like the average growth rate of a new blog? Am I going too slow or too fast? I don’t know…who cares :-p


I like to thank those few people who cared enough to leave a comment in this blog. Yeah I know, more than half of the comments are spams (which I deleted) and pingbacks 😆 But there are few ‘real’ comments so I thank you guys again.


I have tons of pingbacks and this is because I usually refer back to a previous post whenever I write a new one. The reason is that I see this blog as a whole and not as a place divided by posts that are independent from each other. In other words, I want people to not just read one post but try browse to my other ones. 🙄

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As a gift, here’s a funny bad ass picture I made from the upcoming Rambo movie. Enjoy.


(click image to enlarge)

What’s funny is that the guy who got stabbed in the pic looks like someone I know Haha!! :mrgreen:

PS: Happy (belatedAidil Adha to the Muslims and Merry Christmas to the Christians (well actually to everyone because everybody celebrates Christmas, the ‘highly commercialized consumer culture’ version of Christmas if you know what I mean)


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