Master of Unlocking…Part 2

Honestly, I don’t like the Resident Evil movies. You can change stuff from the game but these movies are radically different from the games. Sure there’s Jill and there’s Claire but they became secondary characters. I accepted Alice initially until they decided to give her superpowers WTF!!

But I know that someone will eventually reboot the franchise and make a new Resident Evil trilogy that will be much closer to the games. I know this will happen because: 1) Hollywood have a tendency to reboot franchise now (eg Batman Begins, Casino Royale, JJ Abrams Star Trek) 2) Resident Evil is a big franchise. What’s even better than making lots of money with the previous resident evil movies? Make more movies but this time make it more faithful to the games so they can grab money from the fans.

So then I thought hey, let me try to make my own cast list for a Resident Evil movie that I want to see. So here we go:

(Click here for Part 1)

Leon Kennedy – Jared Padalecki

Rain or Shine, You’re going down! Supernatural

Claire Redfield – Ellen Page

 You Lose, Big Guy! Juno

Carlos Oliveira – Rodrigo Santoro

 Sexy Accent The Toilet still works

Ada Wong – Maggie Q

ADA!!! MI3

William Birkin – Kevin Bacon

G-Virus Hollow man

Oh well, at least we can still look forward to a CG movie that’s coming out called Resident Evil: Degeneration. Looks like both Leon and Claire are back (yeah! RE2 reunion!) and it’s set in the airport. I wouldn’t be surprise to see Samuel L Jackson in this one, “Get these muthaf***ing zombies off this muthaf***ing plane!!!!”LOL


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