There and Back Again…Random post

There comes a day where I don’t feel like posting something specific. So here’s another random post. Random away~

My lil cousin is all grown up

LOL…my 9 year old cousin stayed at my house for the day and something funny happened. He said he wanted to use the internet and play at those online games websites (eg Miniclip, CoffeeBreakArcade, etc). He did visit those sites and played first.

I left him for awhile and later when I came back, he asked me how to erase the list of websites that he visited. His face was red and I think he was sweating too. this what I think it is? 🙄 So I said I don’t know how and he immediately panicked. Well, I checked at the website history and I laughed my ass off!!

Here’s what I found (Possibly Not Safe For Work/NSFW):, (poor kid, didn’t know how to spell ‘sexy’),,, (‘telanjang’ means naked in malay) and (jubur means ass). ROFLMAO!!!!! WTF!! HAHA Do those websites go anywhere….

***pause…looks around…types the URLs*** :mrgreen:

I erased the History files but didn’t tell him how to do it or else it would encourage him more to find those type of sites. Good thing he doesn’t have internet access at home. Btw, I don’t hold any responsibility if you wish to try those site addresses 😛

Peter Jackson is back for ‘The Hobbit’ & a sequel

It’s official, Peter Jackson and New Line have settled their differences to move forward with the Hobbit and a sequel (most probably a bridge between Hobbit and LOTR). Check the press release here.

Points I like to make:

  • I think New Line Cinema decided to be friends with Peter Jackson again because their recently released fantasy film ‘the Golden Compass” wasn’t a success. 
  • Is Peter directing this? He will be an executive producer for sure but what about directing? He’s going to busy with the Tintin trilogy together with Steven Spielberg. If Peter can’t direct so who’s going to? Sam Raimi? I think his wife should direct it, Fran Walsh. She shot some scenes in LOTR if i’m not mistaken.
  • I haven’t read the Hobbit yet. I know it’s about the adventure of Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and a group of Dwarves. Later in the story, Bilbo found the ring which is given to Frodo in LOTR. So expect Ian Holms and Ian Mckellen to return.
  • The sequel to the Hobbit/ a bridge between Hobbit & LOTR…interesting.

 There and Back Again

Shooting Training

That’s it for now….Master of Unlocking Part 2 is coming


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