**Updated 29/04/08**

Looking for the new trailer with Harvent Dent?

Click Here for that one

Or if you’re too lazy to click just watch it below

**UPDATED 19/12/07***

I noticed that a lot of people stumble upon this post through the search engine and may not be aware that the official version of the trailer is in another post.

Click here for the officially released trailer. 

Or if you’re too lazy to click just watch it below


HOLY F***!! DARK KNIGHT TRAILER LEAKED!!! The previous video was removed so here’s another one. Or you could just go watch I Am Legend in theatres and watch the trailer on the big screen. 🙂

Previous posts on Dark Knight: Here & Here

Now waiting for a better quality…

“Put a smile on that face”


In case this one gets taken out, here’s my attempt at describing it:

WB logo/ Legendary Pictures/ DC Comics

The Joker – “You changed things…forever. There’s no going back. To them you’re just a freak. Like me!”
[Shots of the BatPod, Bruce Wayne, Batman crash on top of a car]

Explosion and then we see bunch of burning Joker cards (Joker laughs)

Batman theme starts

Gordon explaining to the Mayor about the Joker. “No name, No other alias and nothing in his pocket but knives
[Joker is sitting in prison like in the picture we saw]

Joker – “Evening, Commissioner..”
[Close up of Joker’s messed up face]

Joker – “Why so serious?!”

Batman theme intensifies.
Quick cuts of Batman riding his BatPod, Joker using a rocket launcher to blow stuff, a memorial in Gotham, “The Batcave”, someone smashing the Bat signal, Joker crash a party

Explosions, BatPod crash through glass, Batmobile crashing, explosions, Joker clapping his hands in prison, explosions again, Gordon, EXPLOSIONS, a truck got turned over

Joker – “It’s all part of the plan

Joker shooting at Batman, “Hit me!”, Batman (in his BatPod) & Joker confront each other on th streets of Gotham.

Joker – “Let’s put a smile on that face **Laugh**”

The Dark Knight – Summer 2008


Two new international poster for the movie:

Batman Dark Knight Joker Dark Knight

Courtesy of OmeleteJudão



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