Random stuff….

I’ve been busy for the last couple of days (plus the occasional technical difficuties aka stupid internet connection) so I didn’t have anytime to post anything new. And here we are, December! So that’s one more month till 2008. Damn, it’s gonna be 2008 soon? Hahaha! If only I have a time machine and went back to the 90s so I can upset my younger self by telling him/myself that there aren’t any flying cars, intelligent robots and human colonies on Mars. Hehe… Kinda reminds me of all those crazy things I used to believe in such as:

Black & White world –  When I was a kid, I thought everything in real life were literally black & white because all those old movies didn’t have any colour. So I kept asking my mom when did colour get invented and where did they come from. I forgot what my mom said; I think she said it came from the rainbows. LOL.

Black & White

The concept of Gravity – Since Kindergarten, I knew there was a force called Gravity which pulls us to the ground. But in those days I thought Gravity is a giant magnet in the center of earth that pulls everything the ‘goes up’ to ‘come down’.

Magnet - The gravity!

I’ll post more later (hopefully)….I got to go now…tomorow’s going to be a busy day…sibuk2


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