I have a dream…

UPDATE 30 June 2010

A more recent analysis on my dreams can be found here: https://trylobyte.wordpress.com/2010/06/23/a-dream-within-a-dream/


Have you ever dream about a place and you’re like ‘I think I’ve been here before’. There is this place that I keep visiting in my dreams.  This place is sort of a shopping mall but it’s also a library, a hotel and even a school. I’ve visited this ‘place’ since I was kid. They aren’t identical dreams but I know it’s the same place that I visit in other dreams. In most of the dreams, I visit this large fountain which is situated in the center of this ‘place’. I know that the places you visit in the dreams tend to be based on some unique representation of a real place. In this case, the fountain in my dream is actually an exaggerated or supersize version of the fountain in the center of Glorieta, a mall at the Philippines (I used to hang out there when I was a kid and buy those cheese fries they sell around there). Here are the dreams that occurs around this ‘imaginary place’ of mine in no particular order:

  1. I went to toy shop and bought a lot of my favourite toys. (ofcourse this is when I was a kid hehe)
  2. In the toy shop (the same toy shop) and then went four levels up before reaching a big bright escalator that takes me up to the large fountain room.
  3. Walking around an empty carnival/amusement park. Saw a black curtain and I opened it only to find myself in the fountain room.
  4. Walking through a narrow shopping arcade trying to find something (I forgot what it was). And I knew the fountain room was somewhere around there but didn’t visit it.
  5. My friends and I found a secret passage at my elementary school that leads to a dancing fountain room. Somehow we ended up at the shopping arcade (see above)
  6. My friend and I were tasked to find my cousin’s lost baby (for some reason) and we found him at the dancing fountain room. (I dreamt this before my cousin was even married and had a son)
  7. A large library/bookshop connected to the same toy shop.
  8. I was at the cafe with my friends on the top floor of a mall. I knew the fountain room was somewhere there but didn’t visit.
  9. I was lost in a mall (see above) until a mysterious girl grab my hand and lead me somewhere. I didn’t feel lost after that. The dream finished there but I was sure that she was leading me to the fountain.
  10. I’m in an empty hotel resort being chased by some unseen thing. I was searching door to door for a way to get me to that mall. I just knew that there’s a passage. The dream ended with me unable to find it.
  11. I was walking with my friend around the hotel resort (the same one but this time it’s full of people. I know its the same one because the color of the resort is green and gold). We were chatting about some stuff I can’t remember.
  12. I was walking alone on the shopping arcade (see no.4) while revising my history stuff like Bismarck & Cavour.
  13. My school was relocated to a hotel resort (see no. 10 & 11).
  14. For some reason, my high school became chaotic with people running around vandalising school property. The teachers were somehow guilty for this chaos and fled to the parking basement (my school didn’t have a parking basement in real life!!). I chased them and used the elevator to get to the basement but instead end up at the familiar shopping arcade/mall.

I guess that’s all thatI can remember right now. Even though the locations are different (eg. mall, shopping arcade, fountain, school) but I knew while I was in those dreams that either I’ve visited this place before or I know that this place is connected to the fountain room.

What do those dreams mean? What do the fountain represent? I don’t know.  I haven’t visit fountain room in recent years but I did visit the places that I know are connected to the fountain room. You can’t force yourself to dream about a particular dream. Someday, I might be able to visit the fountain room in my dream again.


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