Trylobyte’s Crazy Random Theory of the Day…

Atom Solar System

Seeing the two images above ignited my imagination. What if our solar system is actually an atomic structure? It’s an idea that captivated me since I was young. Well that simple idea led to another question; What happens when you zoom out of the solar system? Well, you’ll see that it is just one of the billions of solar systems in the milky way, which itself, is simply one of the many galaxies in the universe. What if you continue to zoom out? Does the universe have any boundaries?

Now how about in micro level, where we zoom into cells, DNA, molecules, atoms and subatomic level. Where does that stop? Now here’s my crazy theory of the day; the universe or everything is like a mobius strip  or an infinite loop. You zoom out of the universe and you end up in the sub atomic level. Here’s an illustration that I made:


If you still don’t get it, just watch this clip from the Simpsons:


2 thoughts on “Trylobyte’s Crazy Random Theory of the Day…

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