I want to write a story…

Since I was a kid, I always have a habit of making up a story in my mind. I used to re-enact events from movies that I watched with my toys. (Haha!! Yeah I was a bit of a loner. I used to play with my toys by myself most of the time) Sometimes, I would make my own imaginary sequel to a movie using my toys. Then I started a series of badly drawn comics that I always make secretly in classes. (I finished a Matrix comic of 6 pages while pretending to listen to the Maths Teacher once. And I still have that comic). I even wrote several short stories set in school featuring my classmates. I only showed those to few of my friends because I sort of made fun of almost everyone. Guess that’s just how I survived High School Hehe.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking lately..well ok….not that lately but for few years about coming up with an ultimate story. A ‘Magnum Opus’ you could say. I’m not planning to become an author when I grow up because I don’t see myself writing stories for a living. Besides, my writing skills sucks and my English is not fabulous. But you know, I hope I’ll have a free time in the future to write a story or a script or direct a movie or simply just able to come up with a story that my kids can tell to their children (boy, now I’m going far ahead!!).

So what is this story anyway, Trylobyte? What the hell do you have in mind? Let me just start with the concept. It’s a twisted-surreal-comedic-non-sequitur multi layered with multi-characters story set in an international school. It involves a conspiracy of some sort and everything leads up to the school concert night where the climax of the story takes place. What’s the nature of the conspiracy and what’s suppose to happen at the concert night? That I don’t know yet. But that’s the basic picture of the plot. Basically, I want it to be both epic and trippy at the same time. Illuminatus Trilogy meets Hitchiker’s Guide meets Lord of the Rings. I have several ideas in my head but I just haven’t clean up those ideas into a story. Back in my first post, I called this blog my “thought reliever” and that is what I’m doing now. I’ll list down the those story ideas here and see if I can make sort them out later (Btw, I ‘m writing anything that comes to my head). So here we go:

The Characters: 

  • The main character is myself or at least the exaggerated of my self eg. smarter, lazier, more arrogant, more funny, more annoying, more noble, etc
  • A character who’s an atheist, a neo nazi and a sadist from the outside but in reality he’s just some  guy who leans towards those things because he wants to be different and cool. He’s an FPS gamer too. His the sidekick of the story.
  • Mr. “Cool/I don’t give a shit/its fine with me”
  • a wannabe playa,
  • a token black guy,
  • a lovable ranting Nigerian (with a subplot involving him trying to meet his assignment deadline),
  • a Chinese female character who has something to prove to everybody (I’m thinking of a heartbreaking backstory involving her and her love for violin),
  • a fat guy who acts likes he’s the wise old man (with a nickname, The General),
  •  a short and frail kid obsessed with the military,
  • a bully who likes to pissed people off and blames society for his bad behaviour (with hilariously outrageous list of misfortunes in his life that made him a bully
  • an eccentric girl with a special ability to read through people,
  • a girl who spends her lunch time reading books at the corner of the library but somehow seems to know everything including who killed JFK, life on Mars, etc
  • A girl who’s really popular that everybody knows her name (she’s the captain of the football, basketball, baseball, hockey, cricket, swimming, chess and curling team at the same time)
  • A sarcastic British guy who’s actually the only person who has a brain in the story
  • A hippie who smokes weed and drinks; always at the right place and the right time

The plot

  • Started with multiple stories (4- 5 stories) then converge into one
  • A conspiracy is involved and I don’t know the details of it yet
  • The climax is set during the night of the school concert

Actually there are more ideas but I don’t want to write everything down. I guess that’s all for this post. Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever write this story anyway. But it’s good to just spill all those ideas on blog post. It’s a relief after having it being locked in my mind for years. 🙂


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