“F*** em!!”…John Rambo returns

With the success of Rocky Balboa (an inspirational film although most people I knew hated it because it was boring and slow) Sylvester Stallone is trying to revive another of his iconic movie character, John Rambo!!!. With a kick ass trailer (especially the first R rated one), a good review and a bad ass poster that you can see below makes this a must see on my list. I mean sure, I like martial arts action movies and Intelligent action thrillers (eg. Bourne Trilogy) but you know, I want to see those tough ass hardcore action movie back on the big screen again like those that starred Stallone, Steven Seagal, Bruce Willis, Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris (btw I saw this movie called the Delta Forcethe other day..ROFL!! Man, that was “pure American movie!!!” American soldiers kicking the living shit out of Arab terrorists that hijacked a plane! Anti-Semitism by the Arabs, American-Israeli military partnership and Judeo-Christianity theme all presented in an overt way!! You don’t get those type of movies these days, not after 9/11! and all the “political incorrectness” business! Haha…such a guilty pleasure movie). Click the poster below for the trailer.


In this installment of the Rambo series, simply titled Rambo, our hero has been living a peaceful life in northern Thailand until he has to lead a group of mercenaries into the jungles of Burma/Myanmar to rescue some bunch of idealistic missionaries captured by the sadistic Burmese army. That’s the basic plot in one sentence. Now this movie is sure going to raise some controversy because of the recent events at Myanmar. Now I do not want to discuss politics right now so in case you’ve been living under a rock, just google Myanmar and you’ll definitely find materials about the recent events over there.

Now let’s go back down the memory lane and review the past Rambo movies. The first one was called First Blood (yup that’s right, the first movie was not called Rambo) released in 1982. I saw it on Cinemax or Star Movies few months ago and I thought that it was more of a drama and character study of Vietnam War veterans who feel like an outsider when they return to their homeland. Then came Rambo: First Blood Part 2 which I saw back when I was in Singapore on Channel i (I miss the channel). The movie was more action orientated but it does have some important message about American POWs and how Rambo is still being neglected & used. Finally, there was Rambo IIIaka Rambo & the Talibans. This is a pure mindless action movie and its the most ironic too because Rambo fought the Soviets with the help of Afghan fighters who later became the Talibans and the Al Qaedas that Americans are now fighting against. So what do I think this new Rambo movie should be? A character drama ala First Blood or hardcore action like the sequels? Personally, I want it to be both and from the looks of it I may be getting what I want. To close this post, here’s a video of the final battle of Rambo III which always gets my blood pumping.

“What do you say, John?”
“F*** em!”


Rambo will be in theatres January 25 2008


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